Tuesday, July 22


20 laps this morning (25 yards to one length)! Yikes. I'm en fuego! I know I didn't spell that right. But I think it had something to do with being able to swim outside (I got there early enough and the kids swimming lessons only took up 4 out of the 6 lanes). I was also swimming next to some guy, bald, ear plugs, fancy goggles. I tried to keep up, but that was a disaster. I settled for telling him "you make this look easy" he responded with "Oh, ha! It took me months to be able to swim back and forth a few times without stopping". So, that was nice. Did a lap of breast and two of back when I got tired around lap 9. I have been dabbling in picking up my pace. Surprisingly I can do that and breath from both sides. I'm just so shocked it feels so right after just a few weeks ago thinking I'd never be able to. Yay. I'm pretty happy today.

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