Monday, July 28

So. I think I don't love my new shoes. They're the updates of my old ones, new foam but otherwise the exact same. But at the ends of my long runs, my left arch is aching. Like a cramp. Brian laughed, saying it sounded suspiciously like plantar fasciitis which he has had for years and why he doesn't run. I went to my local running store and showed the guy my two pairs of running shoes and explained my problem. He suggested trying my old pair again and if it still hurts we'll try another brand. I don't want to try another brand though. My mom always said asics were the best and that's what I would like to stick with. We'll see.

Last night I tried to bang out a 10K but only made it 6.6K. :( And, I'm confused. My ipod told me I had a personal best for the mile. And I think I averaged about 6.2-6.0 for the miles I did run with about a 0.5mile walk towards the end when my foot hurt. But I did the run in 47:28. It just doesn't add up. Oh well, it was still a run.

Today I did 22 laps. And, good bye wall! I did the swim in 100yard increments so that I just did a touch and go with the wall until I was done with the two laps. Getting easier! I thought I should stop though, when I was gasping and my body got all tingly like I was having and asthma attack at lap 21.5. Still fun. Middle of the day at the pool outside! I think I like swimming.

Wednesday, July 23


Another run today. 3miles. I can't seem to run without walking at some point. :( I tried to do some speed work, running approx. .5miles at a faster pace then slowing down for .25 and then picking the pace back up again. Had to walk the last 0.25miles (not just slow down to a jog) and then sped it up for the very last 0.25 at 7.0 for a big finish.

After my run I treated myself to sitting outside by the pool at the gym. I burnt myself. I don't know what I was thinking, maybe "well it's before 11, I don't need sunscreen". I'm an oncology nurse, I should really know better! I'm just kicking myself and sick that I did that. My chest is all red and pink, very irritated. I'm going to be a hurting unit tomorrow. And it's not at all a sexy tan, it's lobster, painful...just a bummer!!!!


Tuesday, July 22


20 laps this morning (25 yards to one length)! Yikes. I'm en fuego! I know I didn't spell that right. But I think it had something to do with being able to swim outside (I got there early enough and the kids swimming lessons only took up 4 out of the 6 lanes). I was also swimming next to some guy, bald, ear plugs, fancy goggles. I tried to keep up, but that was a disaster. I settled for telling him "you make this look easy" he responded with "Oh, ha! It took me months to be able to swim back and forth a few times without stopping". So, that was nice. Did a lap of breast and two of back when I got tired around lap 9. I have been dabbling in picking up my pace. Surprisingly I can do that and breath from both sides. I'm just so shocked it feels so right after just a few weeks ago thinking I'd never be able to. Yay. I'm pretty happy today.

Monday, July 21

So, swam again yesterday. Sorry running blog. I did 600yards in approx. 25min. Felt really good. I wasn't as sore yesterday as I thought I'd be after the 8miles Saturday. That was surprising, still didn't really feel up to a run though. I varied my pace (? is that what you call it in swimming?) a bit from lap 5-10. I went faster, less worried about my breathing, and surprise, I breathed okay. On both sides! It's feeling a bit more natural. I think I'll swim again tomorrow. Run, swim, run...repeat.
Today, I calibrated my nike ipod for another 0.25, so 3miles total. Semi tempo run. Did the first 0.25 at 5.0 then 5.5 up until the last 0.25 miles which I did at 5.0 again. Felt good, but hot even indoors! I am a sweaty mess when I'm done with my runs, maybe that's why the pool feels so good, not too much sweating going on. But, on my runs, maybe I'm getting so hot because I'm not properly hydrated? I really enjoyed my 8miles I think because I had my water with me. We'll see. Don't work again till Wed. evening. yay for household chores and working out.

Saturday, July 19

Today I did two things I never thought I'd do. And no, unlike what my husband's response, it was not "that chick". First, I ran (and walked) but mostly ran 8.13 miles. I got up early today after going to bed early like a good little runner. It would have been a really nice run outside cause it was so misty and foggy here and just a little on the cool side. But that mist and fog would have made it even more dangerous to go out running without a buddy. Maybe I can convince my husband to get a dog? It would be good training for kids in the next couple of years... that's a thought. Okay back to topic. I drove myself to the gym on the empty early Saturday morning streets. Parked close, another perk of going early, and set my ipod for 8miles. After two I was sprinting to the bathroom. I took one look at myself the the mirror, I was already drenched, uncomfortable in my cotton old navy tank. So I took a deep breath and took off my shirt, sports bra and shorts, I could do this. People may or may not be blinded by my white stomach and the little jiggle. But it gave me confidence. No one wants to see a sports bra and shorts girl walking her 8 miles. Surely someone as confident as that would run with the shirt off. And I felt so much better! Much cooler. I took several walk breaks including about .3miles near the end to drink my mostly water with a shot of Gatorade. I think that that really helped too. Not just being about to justify hitting pause on the treadmill for a mini break but the hydration did help. My run ended up being 1:36 and something seconds. Again, seemed to take forever. But it helped that my husband slept in and didn't make it to the gym this morning so I didn't have to worry about him being bored out of his mind waiting for me to finish my long run. The last 4miles were done at 5.3 instead of 5.0 and in the last two miles I varied from 3.5 (walk) to 6.2. I think I may need to recalibrate my ipod it seemed to think my 6.0 pace was 9:40min/mile when in fact it's 10min/mile. I'm not factoring in the most likely broken ipod pace. If Paula Radcliffe came on in the end and said I did my longest workout yet (which she did) then it was my 8miles I wanted to do today.

So lessons learned: 1)bring water to a run longer than 45-60min 2)wake up early and ditch the husband 3)it's okay to run in a sports bra if it cools you down and makes you feel cooler.

I can not believe I did that. Thank goodness it was relatively early this morning with not as many people there at the gym. I do think that if I left on my tank I would have made it no where near the amount of time I did without it.

And ps, aren't showers after runs just the best?

Thursday, July 17

Dear running blog, I'm cheating on you.

My husband titled this post. We decided this should be the name after I kicked his a&* in swimming on Tuesday. I know that people will be tired of me complaining... but I'm a beginner, it's my blog, and the sport of running is immensely frustrating. Just a few short weeks ago I was a running rockstar with my 7.15 mile long run. This week, again I've got just 4.3 miles total. I feel like I take one step forward and three back. I have this high of a really good long run then take a few days off to recover and then all of the sudden when I run again it's like "well 2miles, that's good right?"...or... "20minutes is enough, I'm tired, there's a lot of people in the world who would kill to be able to run 20minutes straight". Ah! I just have excuses after excuses and I feel so disappointed after all of these wimpy runs. I know I should just shut up and get out there but it's so much easier to sit around and complain about how my running isn't good enough. You know? I long for the day when I have an "easy 5miles or 8miles" on my training schedules. When I have a few 1/2's under my belt. Ah, to skip ahead ten years in my running life...

So, Tuesday I had a swim, 45minutes, didn't keep track of laps again. My husband at 20minutes said "how about one or two more lengths?". I said "no I want to do a few more than that I'd like to do at least 30minutes". So he stopped at 30 and I went on to 45. Rock on! So proud of that. Maybe if I just get myself on to a schedule of running one day and swimming the next, that'll work. We'll see. I've signed myself up for the nike 10K 8/31/08 and the world wide half in October. That training's not going so well...

Hope every one's week is going well. Thanks for listening to me gripe.

Saturday, July 12

Hello world. This week: awful/no running. I'm in a slump. And it's been this way for weeks. I've found swimming thanks to my cousin. I think I did about 30minutes maybe 45 in the pool today but I didn't count laps. Then I went upstairs at the gym and did 2.5miles...slow. I got really hot and icky today. Last night I did 2 miles and I turned up the speed to try and make 2 miles in under 20 minutes (no laughing). I was running at 7.0. As soon as I hit the cool down button I checked my heart rate with the handles, 180. I think that seems a little high especially with a history of sudden cardiac death in the family. But I was sprinting of sorts. But now I'm kinda worried. I don't think I should sprint like that any more until I'm more fit. Not that anything will happen to me at 26, but you never know. Scary.

Tomorrow I work another 12. Maybe I'll make it out on Monday? Definitely Tuesday. Happy weekend.

Monday, July 7


Well, we have had some friends in town the past few days and before that it was family in town (for the trials). I got a long run in Saturday though. I wanted to try for 8 miles which would have been my longest yet. But when I'm going so slow, it just takes so long! Plus my husband hopped on the treadmill next to me and asked "should we have burger king for lunch today?" All I could think of was greasy hamburgers and salty French fries and my stomach was turning. I had to stop at 6! That comment alone made me so nauseous. I was fine once I stopped running.

Today my plan was to swim in the morning, concentrate on breathing (ha), and run this evening. But it's getting late, I spent time with the out of town friends this evening instead. The swimming went well. 600 yards (12 laps) in less than 25minutes maybe? That was a total guess, I really have no idea how long I swam for. But I did manage to keep track of my laps in my head. Did mostly freestyle with one lap of breast and one lap of back. I just have to perfect the butterfly with out looking like an a%& and I'll be able to do the IM. I also am trying to concentrate on looking fluid and well, good in the pool. I was in a lane next to splashy-mc-splasherton and it was annoying! I want to be one of those swimmers were it's effortless. It's just second nature. Surprise, I'm not there yet since I can count the number of times I've swum on one hand. I found I do like swimming outside. And my gym does have an outdoor pool but it was being used for kids swim lessons this morning. Maybe I could have joined in?

Happy Monday everybody. I'm off to work 12's the next three days so it won't be too thrilling this week workout wise. I'm hoping to squeeze in a run in the next three days and then another long-ish run on Saturday.

Thursday, July 3

Swim trials!

So I had family in town the past couple of days. It went by way too fast. But they were in town for a reason. We went to the Olympic swim trials! Yay. It was so much fun! Yesterday we went to the pool (not the trials pool, our gym) in between sessions. Cal, my 15 year old, much wiser at swimming cousin gave me some pointers. We "raced" at back stroke, free style, and breast. It was really fun. And we did the slide with my aunt and husband. That was also fun and mot too scary. I have worked out in some way or another every day this week, except tomorrow. I'll be working 12 hours.

Today my work out was approx. 250yards swimming. Mostly freestyle working on breathing. Which Cal gave me a personal lesson at. Turns out if you breathe to only one side the opposite arm will get stronger because you're pulling more with it and then that stronger arm will be bigger. I don't want that so I'm learning. Then I hopped out and did a 1mile run. Personal best according to Lance Armstrong (my ipod + told me so). I did that mile on the treadmill in 9:55...I think?

Not looking forward to work tomorrow, I've had 6 days off. Yikes. This could be an ugly morning.