Monday, June 30


So hubby and I went to the gym this afternoon. And I had all intentions to run again today. But...I forgot socks. Brought a swim suit and was ready to run, but with no socks I decided to swim. I did about 15 laps and tried to shorten my time in between lengths. Pretty fun, and I could tell I was tired towards the end. Dragging myself back and forth between the walls. But you have to start somewhere right? Happy Monday.

ps-Jen...I have this week mostly off (I don't work again until Friday)...I accidentally woke up at 11am today. Nice start for the day. Have fun sleeping in. Good luck with training.


D10 said...

Way to go with the flow. Nice job on the swim.

ncrunner12 said...

Nice swim, I have heard time and again how great swimming is, one of these days I've got to get to that pool.

One of the instructors from Galloway was saying the best way to increase your speed is by doing mile repeats. Now I’m not exactly sure what goes into this yet but we’re doing some this Saturday, I’ll be sure to write about it next week.