Friday, June 27

Ran Outside this morning/afternoon. I got all the way to the gym at about 11am and had forgotten to put my shoes in my bag! Went all the way home and didn't want to drive back to the gym. So I faced my fears and ran out the door. I ran for 23minutes at a slow pace, at least it seemed really slow because, a) it was hot as all get out and 2) it was outside and our neighborhood is hillier than I thought! My ipod receiver wasn't working, so I have no idea actually how fast or slow I was going. But I just did a big lap around the subdivision. Walked about 30seconds 3/4 the way through to admire a garden and otherwise ran it. Maybe I'll try it again tomorrow? :) We'll see. Hopefully my receiver not working was a fluke. I'll be lost without it!


SJ said...

There is such a difference in running inside vs. outside, isn't there? Good for you facing your fear!

ncrunner12 said...

Way to face your fear! I once had my ipod receiver go out on me around mile 8 of a half marathon... wasn't happy, so I know what it's like to not have that little voice in your ear. Good news is after some time, you don't really need it. Good luck with everything, can't wait to see your progress.

Rick said...

Congratulations on your outdoor run! We all gotta start somewhere. I remember being fearful of running outdoors and leaving the security of the treadmill. There'll be lots of firsts and milestones, face them head on. You'll be amazed at what you will be able to accomplish if you stick to it. ;)

(found my way here via your comment on my blogging pal, Mom on the Run's blog)