Tuesday, June 3

I need motivation!

So, last week, after saying "I run 15miles a week" I ran a measly two. That's right, 2. No good reason, wasn't sick, no overtime at work. Just lazy. I re put in my 1/2 marathon plan onto my buckeye outdoors calender for motivation. It doesn't motivate though, when you don't look at it. I need to re obsess about running. Today I ran 3miles when I planned on doing 3.5. The bathroom called again. Ick. And this was following a few weeks ago when I said "I never have to use the bathroom any more when I run. I must be getting used to these longer runs". The last two weeks have been nothing but potty breaks. Hmmph. I'm a little grouchy. Today I went back to the gym to try out my swimsuit I bought nearly a year ago in hopes of becoming a trim swimmer. I did five maybe six laps (I lost count) in the pool, followed by one lap of kick boarding. This time I took a break every half lap to catch my breath and let my heart stop pounding. People make swimming look easy. It's not. I'm hoping to run again Thursday and then maybe to an aqua class at the gym on Friday. Debating between two races this weekend. One would start dangerously close to a baby shower at 12. But the other starts 45min away and the pre race registration/packet pick up starts at 6:30 after working till 11:30 the night before. Hmm. Any suggestions, my non existent audience?

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