Saturday, June 14

Finally, a decent long run. I think I've been pushing my pace too much. I'd set out for a long run and start at 5.5. Today I kept it slow. I remembered Steve Runner saying "You can never run too slow on a long run". I ran 5.0 for the first 5miles (listen to that... first biggie). Then progressively got faster for the last two until I finished the 7 strong at 6.5. Yay! I was really happy. Sweaty, but happy. I had to take a potty break surprise surprise, about 1/2 way through. One good reason to run at the gym, never far away from the bathrooms.

Tonight's relay for life. I have to clean before that though...ugh. But I'll feel better all day knowing I was able to do my long run and not chicken out or wuss out on it. Yay.

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