Friday, June 6

Could this be a "brick" workout?

I went to the gym today and did about 5-7 laps (I lost count) in the pool then toweled off and did 2.5mi on the treadmill with 1/4 mile repeats. Don't I sound official? Really all I did on the treadmill was run for 2.5 miles but every other 1/4 of a mile I'd kick it up a notch until I was running 5.0 for 1/4 then 7.0 for the last 1/4 of the 2.5 miles. It was pretty fun. I could tell I hadn't used my inhaler (I forgot since I had gone swimming first).

I do have a question about swimming for my non existent readers. I think I'm doing a "free style" stroke. But I'm having issues with breath. I can't seem to get it coordinated and that's my big problem I guess. This last swim though, I did one on Tuesday too. And today I jumped in and swam to the very end (to the wall) my first try. On Tuesday my first couple of lengths I was stopping 3/4 of the way down the lane because I was so fatigued. Don't you love starting something new and you can really see some progress right away? It's so motivating.


jen said...

hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

I sorta caught up on yours (not too hard, since it's new!) and I just have to say Congrats on your running progress so far! I can completely relate to how you feel, I remember how it was for me. I didn't realize until now that when you are first starting out, running is SO much harder. So, believe me, it WILL get easier! You will start to feel more comfortable in your pace and it will feel easier. You will feel better after, and you'll start to really look forward to it. Keep it up!! Don't increase your mileage too rapidly (daily or weekly) but keep getting out there.

So the swimming: you are probably doing freestyle, or "crawl." I started just about 18 months ago right where you are, so just like running, hehe, it will get easier! I think you should consider getting a coach, or a friend or something to watch you and give you some pointers. Also, check out the book "Total Immersion" by Terry Laughlin (I think). He takes you step by step with your stroke and has good diagrams and stuff.

I do use a nose clip, and it helps me. I tend to get water down my nose no matter what. But most people don't need them.. so it's a personal choice. You should be blowing out hard through your nose enough to keep water out. I wish I didn't need one (I've had trouble with it staying on in a race), so I would encourage you to keep trying without it.

Sorry so long! Keep up the great work with the swimming and running. Let me know if I can be of any more help too! :)

jen said...

Just re-read your question, I usually breathe every 3 strokes. Most people breathe on one side easier than the other, but you should try to do both. I think every 2,3, or 4 is ok. Take as long of break as you need to after every lap.

Oh, and I use an inhaler too, and it really helps in the pool!