Monday, June 30


So hubby and I went to the gym this afternoon. And I had all intentions to run again today. But...I forgot socks. Brought a swim suit and was ready to run, but with no socks I decided to swim. I did about 15 laps and tried to shorten my time in between lengths. Pretty fun, and I could tell I was tired towards the end. Dragging myself back and forth between the walls. But you have to start somewhere right? Happy Monday.

ps-Jen...I have this week mostly off (I don't work again until Friday)...I accidentally woke up at 11am today. Nice start for the day. Have fun sleeping in. Good luck with training.

Sunday, June 29

Outside, again!

So I spent most of the day shopping at various stores. Do you ever get into a jag where you just think you "need" something? I needed a new swimsuit, today. Not that I get to use it at the pool or anything after spending much of the prime sunbathing time shopping. I have a hard time finding something I like when I really want to find the perfect something. Last few weeks it was sheets to match the new paint color in my guest bedroom. This week it's a new swimsuit.

Anyways, so after a failed attempt shopping, I put on my shoes and headed out the door. I did mostly the same run I did on Friday except I cut out a few of the turns down the cul de sacs. (spelling?). I forgot to take my inhaler and it was 87 and the run was shorter. But it felt good. And I didn't have to travel all the way to the gym. So that was a plus.

Got another mile in me, that's all that counts. Happy Sunday. Off to make a pecan pie, wish me luck!

Friday, June 27

Ran Outside this morning/afternoon. I got all the way to the gym at about 11am and had forgotten to put my shoes in my bag! Went all the way home and didn't want to drive back to the gym. So I faced my fears and ran out the door. I ran for 23minutes at a slow pace, at least it seemed really slow because, a) it was hot as all get out and 2) it was outside and our neighborhood is hillier than I thought! My ipod receiver wasn't working, so I have no idea actually how fast or slow I was going. But I just did a big lap around the subdivision. Walked about 30seconds 3/4 the way through to admire a garden and otherwise ran it. Maybe I'll try it again tomorrow? :) We'll see. Hopefully my receiver not working was a fluke. I'll be lost without it!

Friday, June 20

So in regards to my last post. I know that I should be proud but jealousy got the best of me. The funny thing is one of the things I tell people who don't run (yet) is that it is such an individual sport. What I mean is you don't necessarily race everybody out there, your running is for you not for any body else. You just run to make you better. That's it. I have a hard time being proud of myself for a certain distance. What helps is remembering being brought to tears when I ran my first two miles straight. I think it took me something like 28 minutes but it was running, and I was so happy. Does anyone else have any happy running memories? That one just made me smile. :D

I haven't run this week. No joke. Not one step. First off I was too sore from my Saturday "long" run :) and then I did relay for life for 5 hours that night. Probably not the smartest scheduling but it was fun and inspirational, I couldn't pass it up. I woke up Sunday with a "dry"throat. I thought maybe I'd yelled too loud during relay. But I was sick, by Monday night when I got home from a 12 hour day I would hyperventilate and then have a bad non productive coughing fit. So bad my husband suggested that I had "a severe upper respiratory infection" and that I go see the doctor the next day. Well I was non productive and really felt pretty fine else where but the burning left in my chest from all the coughing. I'm still not a hundred percent. And I ran today just to get some miles on my legs. I did a 1.5 mile tempo run on the treadmill surprise surprise. Felt awkward and wheezy despite my magical inhaler. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, June 15

So as far as my long run yesterday... I'm having a hard time focusing on just distance and not distance and speed. It's hard when you hear people say "9 min/mile or under 8/mile". You feel so new and inexperienced and not good at running. At least I feel like if I was really a runner I'd be faster. Like I'm a phony. But, it is nice to be able to say to someone "I ran 7 miles yesterday for my long run". ... I have long runs! I just wish the speed would pick up.

Today, my quads felt stiff. I stretched a little on my lunch break, that helped. Also, probably not a good idea to do my long run and then relay for life that night. I walked off and on from 5pm to 10pm. whoo hoo. It was a really neat event though, I love going to it.

Saturday, June 14

Finally, a decent long run. I think I've been pushing my pace too much. I'd set out for a long run and start at 5.5. Today I kept it slow. I remembered Steve Runner saying "You can never run too slow on a long run". I ran 5.0 for the first 5miles (listen to that... first biggie). Then progressively got faster for the last two until I finished the 7 strong at 6.5. Yay! I was really happy. Sweaty, but happy. I had to take a potty break surprise surprise, about 1/2 way through. One good reason to run at the gym, never far away from the bathrooms.

Tonight's relay for life. I have to clean before that though...ugh. But I'll feel better all day knowing I was able to do my long run and not chicken out or wuss out on it. Yay.

Tuesday, June 10


5.37 miles down today. Took it kind of easy, did 5.0 for a few minutes. Bumped it up to 5.5 for the next 45 or so. Then I wussed out on the last 15minutes, plus I have to work this evening and I wanted to make Brian dinner before I left for work. So I was worried I might run out of time if I ran for the full hour. So I cut it short at about 55min, and did 5.0 for the last two-three minutes. I need to work on making my "cool down" longer I think but I just want to be off the treadmill!

Friday, June 6

Could this be a "brick" workout?

I went to the gym today and did about 5-7 laps (I lost count) in the pool then toweled off and did 2.5mi on the treadmill with 1/4 mile repeats. Don't I sound official? Really all I did on the treadmill was run for 2.5 miles but every other 1/4 of a mile I'd kick it up a notch until I was running 5.0 for 1/4 then 7.0 for the last 1/4 of the 2.5 miles. It was pretty fun. I could tell I hadn't used my inhaler (I forgot since I had gone swimming first).

I do have a question about swimming for my non existent readers. I think I'm doing a "free style" stroke. But I'm having issues with breath. I can't seem to get it coordinated and that's my big problem I guess. This last swim though, I did one on Tuesday too. And today I jumped in and swam to the very end (to the wall) my first try. On Tuesday my first couple of lengths I was stopping 3/4 of the way down the lane because I was so fatigued. Don't you love starting something new and you can really see some progress right away? It's so motivating.

Tuesday, June 3

Mother's day weekend.

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My dad and I went bowling the day I left. I had fun with my camera. The last "free" game of bowling made me impossibly late to the airport, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I need motivation!

So, last week, after saying "I run 15miles a week" I ran a measly two. That's right, 2. No good reason, wasn't sick, no overtime at work. Just lazy. I re put in my 1/2 marathon plan onto my buckeye outdoors calender for motivation. It doesn't motivate though, when you don't look at it. I need to re obsess about running. Today I ran 3miles when I planned on doing 3.5. The bathroom called again. Ick. And this was following a few weeks ago when I said "I never have to use the bathroom any more when I run. I must be getting used to these longer runs". The last two weeks have been nothing but potty breaks. Hmmph. I'm a little grouchy. Today I went back to the gym to try out my swimsuit I bought nearly a year ago in hopes of becoming a trim swimmer. I did five maybe six laps (I lost count) in the pool, followed by one lap of kick boarding. This time I took a break every half lap to catch my breath and let my heart stop pounding. People make swimming look easy. It's not. I'm hoping to run again Thursday and then maybe to an aqua class at the gym on Friday. Debating between two races this weekend. One would start dangerously close to a baby shower at 12. But the other starts 45min away and the pre race registration/packet pick up starts at 6:30 after working till 11:30 the night before. Hmm. Any suggestions, my non existent audience?