Monday, May 19

What running last week?!

I have over laid my half training plan with my buckeye account again. I think it really kept me motivated. Last week my weekly mileage was 5.81, only two runs. Ew. I need to try a little harder I think. The last two runs were awful. I can't figure out my deal. Maybe seeing my goal for the day will get me to do the miles. We'll see.

In other news, I've been gardening! Yay. I'm addicted. I spend my days off trolling garden centers and nurseries.

Friday, May 9

I just read my results from the Maverick Stampede 4K last Sunday. 25:16.1 was my official time. 48th place overall. 11/38 in my age group. NICE! I'm happy!
Ran 6mi yesterday! Took about 1:04:10. I learned that the treadmill stops you after an hour. I felt strong, like I could have run more. But I didn't. I'm in love with my inhaler. Taking a break today. Packing and going to work tonight. Be in Chitown tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 6

Ran two miles today. AP 9:49! I felt slow the middle 0.25mi but picked it back up again towards the end. Once again, thank you inhaler. Whoo!

I think I'm not going to join the distance club with ORC. I just would miss too many of the long runs. Like these next two-three weeks I'd miss every single run they offered. That's not good. I hope to take a break tomorrow and then try for my long (maybe 6mi) run on Thursday or Friday. Yikes. Wish me luck.

Monday, May 5


I think I've been in denial about my asthma. Brushed it off, said that I out grew it as a child. I fessed up at my phyiscal last week and my kind doctor wrote me a script for Proventil. I tried two puffs before my run I'm in love. Is this how it's supposed to feel? No hot prickly feelings throughout my body, no huffing and puffing, no chest tightness. I didn't have the run of my life or anything. I hadn't run in about 4 days and only ran 4miles today when I was hoping to run an hour, who am I kidding? Oh well. There's always tomorrow. Yay for drugs!