Monday, April 14


So I love my nike ipod plus. But for my last three runs it hasn't been able to load them up to It is so frustrating. I'm getting really antsy because (I know I haven't hit it yet) but I'm so close to getting 200miles. Which would be such a cool milestone. And I'm a total clock watcher at the gym, and I love seeing my miles add up on the nikeplus system. It's a good incentive for me.

Today I worked and this was my off day. Friday I got off of work (conference) and ran 2miles relatively fast. Ran 3 miles on Saturday and on super speedy mile on Sunday. My quads felt tired towards the end of my run on Saturday and really stiff on my Sunday run. So I was really looking forward today off. And now I'm looking forward to my run tomorrow. Depending on the weather, I may (probably won't) but I may run out at Zorinsky. My Sunday run was run at an average pace of 9:26. Yep you heard that right, less than 10/mile. Whoo hoo.

Hope all is well.

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