Tuesday, April 15


Today's run was horrible. On the treadmill, 1.85mi when I wanted to do 3. I think I started out poorly when I started out my pace at 6.0, which is normally a little fast for me but I decided to push it. After the first mile I was feeling icky so I stepped it down a big notch and switch my play list to the step up 2 soundtrack to keep me going. I went down in speed to 5.3. Last 0.25mi or so of my run I went up to 7.0 thinking that would make the time go by fast so I could at least make it to 2miles even. Just made me feel worse. I got off the the treadmill slightly nauseous and a little dizzy.

Other factors: probably my eating. Let's honestly look at what I at the last twelve hours or so, shall we? Yesterday 5pm: small bowl of chocolate chip ice cream from some gal at work. 830pm after getting home from work, my new favorite instant oatmeal in cinnamon roll flavor with a few chocolate chips thrown in. 945pm when Brian got home, another (larger) bowl of ice cream in mint chocolate chip brownie flavor. 1030-1130ish small mini bag of cracked pepper popcorn. Had a few glasses of water with all of this.

Now that I type it all out, I know that I have some horrible eating habits, I know. But that is gross.

When I found out that my cardiologist would rather I stay away from caffeinated beverages, I stopped cold turkey. I drink caffeine free everything with an occasional decaf latte or something when I'm on vacation. I think I can display the same kind of will power in my sweets. My mom and sister, a while back, started to watch what they ate 6/7days a week and allowed themselves one free day where they could eat dessert and bad things. Maybe I should start showing some self restraint with my eating. I get a kind of high when I am able to walk away from a sale rack in a store without buying anything, maybe when I am able to walk away from an open bag of chocolate chips I'll start to feel better about myself?

I don't think I need to lose weight, I just need to stop eating junk and calling it a meal.

There I said it.

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