Wednesday, April 23

5mi? no.

First run with the Omaha Running Club's Ladies Run. It's a Wednesday night run for 5miles. Since I have been doing 5miles for the last two weeks indoors, I thought I'd give it a shot. Well. I didn't make it. It began as an out and back along the Key Stone Trail here in Omaha.
I ran for about 0.75mi before walking :( That's not very good. Ran/walked the first portion and felt crummy. I had eaten lunch (homemade pizza) at about 1:30-2:00ish. And that's all I could think about. I kept burping it up and thinking "well I'm going to vomit now". I didn't but that's why I walked. That and it was really windy. I got to a little before 2mi according to my trusty nike+ and realized I could no longer see any of the runners ahead of me and none behind me. I ran this run on a trail and now all I could think was "I'm a girl listening to an ipod and I'm alone on a trail.... I do not feel safe" so that accompanied by the fact that I was disappointed with my running made me decide to turn around and go back. I got to the end of the bridge I had crossed while making up my mind to turn around or not, and decided to run. The rest of the way back I would run, no walking, slow as it may be run. And I did! I came back to the peak performance store with a smile on my face. I think I'll try this again some time!

I was not so happy with the fact that I am awful at out doors running. But that'll get better as the summer goes on. Looking forward to my two races this weekend. Huh. Just typing that out made me think of "my two dads"... anybody? anybody?

Oh well. Have a good night.

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