Saturday, April 26

Memorial run.

Ran in a race today! It was sponsored by the Creighton PT and Pharmacy schools so I ran with a bunch of college kids. I made friends with a guy from the ORC. He was very nice but running the 10K. He ran with me the first half of my 5k before we split up. I think he had a lot to do with my super awesome time today. I ran it in 30:30ish (I can't seem to find the official results anywhere yet). That's a whole two minutes faster than any other 5K I've done. I did get some asthma probably due to the cold weather. Off to run a 4K tomorrow, hope the weather's a little nicer.

Wednesday, April 23

5mi? no.

First run with the Omaha Running Club's Ladies Run. It's a Wednesday night run for 5miles. Since I have been doing 5miles for the last two weeks indoors, I thought I'd give it a shot. Well. I didn't make it. It began as an out and back along the Key Stone Trail here in Omaha.
I ran for about 0.75mi before walking :( That's not very good. Ran/walked the first portion and felt crummy. I had eaten lunch (homemade pizza) at about 1:30-2:00ish. And that's all I could think about. I kept burping it up and thinking "well I'm going to vomit now". I didn't but that's why I walked. That and it was really windy. I got to a little before 2mi according to my trusty nike+ and realized I could no longer see any of the runners ahead of me and none behind me. I ran this run on a trail and now all I could think was "I'm a girl listening to an ipod and I'm alone on a trail.... I do not feel safe" so that accompanied by the fact that I was disappointed with my running made me decide to turn around and go back. I got to the end of the bridge I had crossed while making up my mind to turn around or not, and decided to run. The rest of the way back I would run, no walking, slow as it may be run. And I did! I came back to the peak performance store with a smile on my face. I think I'll try this again some time!

I was not so happy with the fact that I am awful at out doors running. But that'll get better as the summer goes on. Looking forward to my two races this weekend. Huh. Just typing that out made me think of "my two dads"... anybody? anybody?

Oh well. Have a good night.

Friday, April 18

Another 5miles. Yay. Varied my pace a little and finished one minute faster this week than last. Looking to work the next four days. My next run may not be until Tuesday :(

Oh well. Looking forward to my races next weekend!

Thursday, April 17

bad habit?

I think I'm developing a bad habit with my running. I noticed that with my 3mi runs (which today went a lot easier than yesterdays run), I'm speeding up. I did the first 5min at 5.3 then next 10min at 5.5. Then next 10min at 5.7 and the last 5min or so at 6.0. I kept running until I had done the full three miles. Is that bad? Should I keep it at one consistent pace? Am I setting myself up for injury? Help! I'm new to this!

Tuesday, April 15


Today's run was horrible. On the treadmill, 1.85mi when I wanted to do 3. I think I started out poorly when I started out my pace at 6.0, which is normally a little fast for me but I decided to push it. After the first mile I was feeling icky so I stepped it down a big notch and switch my play list to the step up 2 soundtrack to keep me going. I went down in speed to 5.3. Last 0.25mi or so of my run I went up to 7.0 thinking that would make the time go by fast so I could at least make it to 2miles even. Just made me feel worse. I got off the the treadmill slightly nauseous and a little dizzy.

Other factors: probably my eating. Let's honestly look at what I at the last twelve hours or so, shall we? Yesterday 5pm: small bowl of chocolate chip ice cream from some gal at work. 830pm after getting home from work, my new favorite instant oatmeal in cinnamon roll flavor with a few chocolate chips thrown in. 945pm when Brian got home, another (larger) bowl of ice cream in mint chocolate chip brownie flavor. 1030-1130ish small mini bag of cracked pepper popcorn. Had a few glasses of water with all of this.

Now that I type it all out, I know that I have some horrible eating habits, I know. But that is gross.

When I found out that my cardiologist would rather I stay away from caffeinated beverages, I stopped cold turkey. I drink caffeine free everything with an occasional decaf latte or something when I'm on vacation. I think I can display the same kind of will power in my sweets. My mom and sister, a while back, started to watch what they ate 6/7days a week and allowed themselves one free day where they could eat dessert and bad things. Maybe I should start showing some self restraint with my eating. I get a kind of high when I am able to walk away from a sale rack in a store without buying anything, maybe when I am able to walk away from an open bag of chocolate chips I'll start to feel better about myself?

I don't think I need to lose weight, I just need to stop eating junk and calling it a meal.

There I said it.

Monday, April 14


So I love my nike ipod plus. But for my last three runs it hasn't been able to load them up to It is so frustrating. I'm getting really antsy because (I know I haven't hit it yet) but I'm so close to getting 200miles. Which would be such a cool milestone. And I'm a total clock watcher at the gym, and I love seeing my miles add up on the nikeplus system. It's a good incentive for me.

Today I worked and this was my off day. Friday I got off of work (conference) and ran 2miles relatively fast. Ran 3 miles on Saturday and on super speedy mile on Sunday. My quads felt tired towards the end of my run on Saturday and really stiff on my Sunday run. So I was really looking forward today off. And now I'm looking forward to my run tomorrow. Depending on the weather, I may (probably won't) but I may run out at Zorinsky. My Sunday run was run at an average pace of 9:26. Yep you heard that right, less than 10/mile. Whoo hoo.

Hope all is well.

Wednesday, April 9

First 5 miles.

Okay. So today I ran 5miles. And I'm not too excited, even though this is the farthest I've run...ever. I think it's probably because I set my ipod to 60minutes and stopped at 55 when I didn't feel too bad. I got a little urpy the last 15minutes or so. But I took the run REAL slow. 5.0-5.3 for 55minutes.

I feel like I should be happier, oh well. Yay for me :/

Friday, April 4


So today I went to the gym to try to run for a little while. I ran my first 5min in 5.3. Then 5.5 till 10minutes to go. Then bumped it up to 6.0, 6.5 for the last 5 minutes and then wussed out on my last minute and started cooling down. Ha. Felt pretty good though, had a side stitch from about 15minutes on. Oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to run tomorrow after work too.

So, silly thought. I've been on a kick lately to look for new workout clothes. Not that I'm in dire need of any, but they're fun to shop for. I found nike running shorts at a department store that were 33% off. So that meant I could get two pairs, right? Yep. You betcha. Doesn't having new clothes to run in just make you want to go out and use them? I've been wanting a new pair of running shoes just cause I'm not liking my orange any more. But I know these have more life in them, so I'm being good and a least waiting to buy those. It'll be my reward for having run 3 or 4 hundred miles.