Saturday, March 29


So I went to today's race hoping to finish in the low 30s. I did that, and I didn't stop the whole way. But I did have trouble I think because, a) I run indoors on the treadmill and b) I have slight asthma. I really should run outdoors more often but I'm too much of a chicken. It was really cold today, I think the weather channel said it felt like 37 or was it 27? I don't know I was sleepy this morning. But I ran the race anyway. There were a lot of comptetitors and the place was packed. It was pretty claustrophobic inside and the trail was kind of narrow, felt a little crowded. I was able to save enough to sprint to the finish which is fun. My husband's getting sick of me sprinting while he's trying to line up a "crossing the finish line" shot with the camera :)

Here's my results as told to me by Statefarm:

Distance:  5K
Time: 32:15
Pace: 10:23
Overall Place: 313 of 433
Place in Gender: 163 of 264
Division F2529 Place: 53 of 72

We'll see how well I do when it's a little warmer out.
Maybe I'll get to the 30min mark this summer?
Hope all is well out there in internet land.

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