Saturday, March 29


So I went to today's race hoping to finish in the low 30s. I did that, and I didn't stop the whole way. But I did have trouble I think because, a) I run indoors on the treadmill and b) I have slight asthma. I really should run outdoors more often but I'm too much of a chicken. It was really cold today, I think the weather channel said it felt like 37 or was it 27? I don't know I was sleepy this morning. But I ran the race anyway. There were a lot of comptetitors and the place was packed. It was pretty claustrophobic inside and the trail was kind of narrow, felt a little crowded. I was able to save enough to sprint to the finish which is fun. My husband's getting sick of me sprinting while he's trying to line up a "crossing the finish line" shot with the camera :)

Here's my results as told to me by Statefarm:

Distance:  5K
Time: 32:15
Pace: 10:23
Overall Place: 313 of 433
Place in Gender: 163 of 264
Division F2529 Place: 53 of 72

We'll see how well I do when it's a little warmer out.
Maybe I'll get to the 30min mark this summer?
Hope all is well out there in internet land.

Tuesday, March 25

Just got back from the gym. Wanted to do 3mi but I haven't run since...Friday? And only did two. But I was running while listening Jodi from confessions of a runner, and she was doing speed work. So at about 0.75mi I picked it up to 7.5mi/hr till about 1.25mi! That's fast for me, so I think that tired me out too much to finish my 3. So maybe three tomorrow. I'm looking forward to Saturday. First 5k of the season. I hope I can break 30min. Hope all is well, that's about it for now. Going to work tonight so I have to find myself some lunch.

Friday, March 21

Hi. So I've started logging my runs with Nike+ on Buckeye Outdoors. And, I've chosen to follow the beginner to 1/2marathon plan. I was supposed to do 11mi this week. And I've only done...9. Ugh. I was planning on running three yesterday but when I asked my husband if he wanted to go to the gym I got a "no". So, I didn't go. I only run at the gym a) because it's cold and b) because I'm a girl and I'm a chicken. I won't run outside without someone with me because I like to listen to my ipod and I just don't think that's safe to do while running outside. Okay enough of that. Well to make up for not doing 3 yesterday I thought, I'll just run as long as I can today. Maybe that'll be more than 3miles. Nope, flat 3.11 in 35min. I don't know what my splits were, I don't even know what splits are. But that's disappointing. I have a 5k next weekend, and I'd love to break 30mins. We'll see. Well I'm off to play with my new blackberry. Yay.
I have been hooked on blogs recently but they're all much more experienced than I am. I'm frustrated at my progress so I thought I'd create a blog for beginners that talks about my struggles starting this new thing called running.