Monday, February 11

he's here!

Induced a little early at 37 weeks. He is here, home, and healthy! I still can't believe his due date is this coming Sunday. Crazy. And he's been in our lives for almost two weeks now. We're pretty in love, some of us (William) are still adjusting. But we're getting along. Here's a few pics.

Lucas Clinton
7pounds 7.9 oz 20.5 inches long born at 3:44am
(apparently I'm good at having babys in the middle of the night, your welcome hubby!)

Did I mention this pic was taken at approx. 5am? And we'd been up all night? You can tell.

Boys meeting for the first time.

Watch out ladies.

Hope all is well. Back to a crying baby. At least one of my boys is sleeping...

Thursday, November 1

Guess what...

I am soon to be a mama of TWO BOYS!

Trying to get back into the swing of things at the gym after an off October. Just easy to kind of "forget" to go to the gym...Went back yesterday. Today, I couldn't resist a shower before the kiddo really got up and so, no gym today...Maybe tomorrow?